Cemetery Records

Portsmouth's historic cemeteries serve as gateways to the past. The records in this collection will be useful to genealogists, historians, and family members of the deceased. Our collection includes information about the following cemeteries, including maps and plot locations: Cotton Cemetery, Elmwood Cemetery, Harmony Grove Cemetery, North Cemetery, Proprietor's Cemetery, Sagamore Cemetery, and Union Cemetery.

To view a complete record book or to see a map in more detail, click the PDF name below the image. Click on the image on the next page. The record books in this collection are fully searchable. Once the PDF is open, click Control+F (or Command+F on a Mac) to open the search feature.

Much of the information in these records has been added to Look there for more information about individual plots. Contact Special Collections for information about cemeteries not in this collection.

Many thanks to the volunteers who spent countless hours collecting this data, including Louise Tallman, Cynthia Pridham Thomas, June Spezzano, and Ginny Jakoubek.
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