Community Diary Response from Kirsten B.

2020-05-12 / Barton, Kirsten

Entry into the Community Diary. Includes five color photos and a PDF of "I See the World" by Jamaica Kincaid.

~ Barton, Kirsten, “Community Diary Response from Kirsten B.,” Portsmouth Public Library's Online Archives, accessed July 13, 2024, https://portsmouthexhibits.org/items/show/2421.

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Community Diary Response from Kirsten B.


Portsmouth (N.H.)
COVID-19 (disease)


Entry into the Community Diary. Includes five color photos and a PDF of "I See the World" by Jamaica Kincaid.


Barton, Kirsten


Community Diary: Portsmouth Covid-19 Pandemic 2020


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PPL-MS: 2020.4.007

Diary Item Type Metadata

Tell us a bit about your situation during this time period (employed / remote learning / caring for loved ones / sick / quarantined / etc.)

"working p/t for Black Heritage Trail NH and Housing Action NH. I signed up for a Coursera course on Wellbeing - haven't finished it yet, but love the ideas of how to create habits to be happier. Bringing food/groceries to my parents in Atkinson, NH. Enjoying having 3 teenagers at home with a husband who no longer commutes 3+ hours/day - and is loving being home."

Share an uplifting story of neighbors helping neighbors or a story that made you smile during this time

"We have a group text for our street on Ridges Ct and constantly share things we need. It started out with who is going to the grocery store to pick up odds/ends and just yesterday there was a text about anyone who may have a protractor handy."

What memory of this time do you think will stay with you?

"Quiet. Clean air. Slowing down. Being outside."

Has this experience changed you? If so, how?

"Being 50 starts the internal conversations of where you are and where you're headed. This experience has magnified the intentions to slow down and enjoy what is just right now."

What has been the most challenging part of this experience?

"Being isolated while constantly being around people. I'm used to my space with everyone going in their own direction. Now we are all together all the time."

Explain or describe the shared photograph(s)

"A collection over the last eight weeks: zoom meetings with SEGA clubs, our dog Alfie, Jason baked a bundt cake - he never bakes, super great mechanic who filled up my oil on a trip to Concord to deliver PPE, our hike for Chloe's birthday (cousin) in April on Mt Major."

Explain or describe the shared document(s)

"Reading assignment for Alys during her junior spring semester at PEA. It really made me think of place in a different way and for some reason I envisioned the author as a he/him/his until I read her bio at the end."