Community Diary Response from Tina R.

2021-04-12 / Reed, Tina

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Entry into the Community Diary.

~ Reed, Tina, “Community Diary Response from Tina R.,” Portsmouth Public Library's Online Archives, accessed June 20, 2024, https://portsmouthexhibits.org/items/show/2588.

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Community Diary Response from Tina R.


Portsmouth (N.H.)
COVID-19 (disease)


Entry into the Community Diary.


Reed, Tina


Community Diary: Portsmouth Covid-19 Pandemic 2020


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PPL-MS: 2020.4.016

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Tell us a bit about your situation during this time period (employed / remote learning / caring for loved ones / sick / quarantined / etc.)

"My situation during this time: You ready for this? 1. My husband died suddenly leaving me heartbroken, penniless, and homeless. 2. I had to live in my car for six months. This is due to my own stubbornness. 3. Found out I was chronically and possibly terminally ill. 4. I became sober. All during a pandemic. Ha!"

Share an uplifting story of neighbors helping neighbors or a story that made you smile during this time

"An uplifting story that made you smile: My very good friend Patty got upgraded to best, best, best friend. Our time together reminded me of stories my granmother told me about being a young woman during the depression. She would say 'Teetee, dahlink, my girlfriend and I had not two nickles to rub together but laugh! Laugh did we laugh.' Patty and I cracked up constantly."

What memory of this time do you think will stay with you?

"What memory of this time will always stay with me? Being in my car alone early in the morning and seeing what beauty, strange, dangerous, things were about at 4 am."

Has this experience changed you? If so, how?

"Has this experience changed me? Oh yes has it! I am far more patient."

What has been the most challenging part of this experience?

"What has been the most challenging part of this experience? 1. The weather. Having to navigate using a public restroom in my makeshift pajama/snow suit from my car to said bathroom. Akward! 2. Doing all this without my husband. He always knew what to do. Always. Then I realized there was no alternative. Crawl into ditch and die or buck up and trudge on? I opted for the later."