"Eastbound Limited" Scripts

“Eastbound Limited” was a scripted, weekly radio drama that aired on WHEB, a station owned by Granite State Broadcasting Corp. and operated out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Each episode functioned as a show-within-a-show with the program guided by the conductor of the Eastbound Limited, a train that traversed the tracks of New England, heavily favoring New Hampshire. The conductor would introduce a stand-alone drama based on the location of the train. The radio show had a cast and crew that included Ted Day, Ernest C. Maby (1919-2004), Ida Gerry, Charles Day, Jacqueline Foster, and Virginia Tirrell.

The scripts in this collection were originally owned by Theodore “Ted” Chipman Day, one of the original producers of “Eastbound Limited.” His son Mark C. Day gave them to Edward W. Maby, son of Ernest Maby, in 2008. Mr. Maby donated them to the library in November 2021. This collection is permanently housed in the Portsmouth Public Library Special Collections. The digital images are available here for research and public viewing.
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